Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The addiction of cooking

I don't know how you feel, but every time I stand in my kitchen and cook, I feel relaxed. Cooking is no longer a chore, it's more like a treat.

I spend my days sitting behind a desk, typing away on my computer and doing what I do. But around lunchtime I start thinking about what I could make for dinner.

I live in an apartment and as it happens, I sometimes run a hostel there. Or at least so it seems.
One of my "guests", who came over from Germany and stayed with me for a couple of months, never really enjoyed cooking.
We had sort of an agreement: I cook, she cleans (pretty cool, he?). So she knew of my love of cooking. But back then, I was more of a person who would throw some pasta in boiling water and stir up a sauce. Anyway, before she left, she gave me a voucher for a cooking class.
I loved the idea of a cooking class, but for some reason never really got around to it.
Just a few weeks before the voucher was going to expire I signed up, but had to wait for another 6 weeks before I could actually go to the class.
It was a french cooking class, run by a cookbook author and I have to say, it was absolutely amazing. I loved it (and have since been back several times...)!

I started buying even more cookbooks than I already had, started reading cookbooks at night and planning what I could cook up on the weekend.
I wouldn't say I'm a great cook, not at all, but I think I'm good enough to learn more.
I was born in Germany, comfort food for me are mostly German dishes, that remind me of my childhood. When I eat Milchreis (rice pudding with cinnamon sugar and cherries) I can exactly picture us all sitting around the big table, a big bowl of Milchreis in the middle and us kids eating as fast as we can to get a second serving. Ahh, memories.
I don't have a favourite cuisine, but love Italian, French, Indian, Modern Australian, Thai, Moroccan, and many more.

So, food for me is not only the essential thing, that keeps you going through the day, but also a celebration of memories and different cultures. Let's see where it can take us!

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