Monday, April 22, 2013

Breakfast at Kilkenny Café and Restaurant, Dublin

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my old school in Ireland again. It was the first time I had been back since 2002 and it was so great to still see some familiar faces around and especially to see that not too much has changed. But don’t worry; this post won’t be about school food!

We were staying in Dublin and were looking for a place to have breakfast at. Not knowing where to go we consulted tripadvisor and came across a café called “Kilkenny”. It’s located near the prestigious Trinity College on Nassau Street.

View of Trinity College from the Café

The café is set up above a shop that offers Irish Designs, the usual: art, clothing, gadgets, books, chocolates and chutneys, just a lot of great stuff!

When you walk through the door on a Sunday you can already hear the jazz duo playing upstairs. A stairway leads to the café area that has great big windows overlooking Trinity College. We scored a table right by the window and went up to the buffet. Now here is the deal, you can either go for “The Potters” (for €5) which allows you to choose four hot items or “The Weavers” (for €7) where you can choose six hot items. Both offers include toast and a tea or coffee.  

At the buffet we were greeted by two lovely ladies, I chose scrambled eggs with crème fraiche and chives, Portbello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes on the vine and a homemade potato cake.
They came with some wholegrain toast, a delicious Kilkenny relish and strong Irish tea.

It was all delicious, the scrambled eggs had a perfect consistency and went really well with the relish which had a bit of a spicy kick to it, which was just right. I love the sweet taste of roasted cherry tomatoes and these didn’t disappoint either. All I can say, it all tasted great and was just the right amount. The whole room had a great atmosphere and views, the live music in the background might have been a bit too loud but we could still have a conversation.

Overall, I can only recommend this place and I will make sure to go back there the next time I’m in Dublin.

Sláinte xxx

6-15 Nassau Street

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