Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My first Easter cake

This year Easter feels more like Christmas, but maybe that's because the last Christmas felt more like Easter, at least if you look at the temperatures... I think for Christmas we got up to 12°C whereas for Easter this year we got snow every day! It's a bit crazy, but I actually didn't mind the weather, at least it's not raining...

I went home for Easter, but my grandmother who lives too far away from my parents home couldn't make it and spend Easter at home. So I decided I should make her a little cake that is easy enough to send by post.

I made a chocolate mud cake and added some cognac for some flavouring. The cake was filled with buttercream mixed with lemon curd.

My sister helped me decorate, I think she never used to understand why I like baking so much, but now she really enjoyed clouring fondant and making flowers!

I wrapped the cake tightly in aluminium foil and it actually arrived in one piece with everything in place!!

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